music production, mixing and mastering

About me

A sliver of background info.

Hi, my name is Luc Weytjens, and is the hub of my creative endeavours. Everybody and their kid brother go by the title of “music producer” or “audio engineer” these days. So, it is with some reluctance that I use these seemingly hollowed out monikers. Nevertheless, here’s a brief overview of my experience in the field.


Having cut my teeth in my late teens on an eight-track tape-based setup, recording local bands, I decided it was time for a more committed approach. I enrolled in the Rotterdam “Sound Seminar”, an audio engineering course hosted by the RBS studio group. Upon graduating, I continued the homebrew eight track productions, some of which surprisingly made it to high rotation airplay on national radio. By the end of the nineties, I landed a spot as assistant engineer at Louisstudio, a state-of-the-art facility sporting all the real toys: SSL9000J console, analog and digital multitrack and heaps of desirable mics and outboard. Collaborating with a range of national and international producers, engineers and bands allowed me to hone my skills in producing, engineering and mixing. When Louisstudio sadly closed doors, I ventured out as a freelancer and started accumulating both a resume as producer/engineer and a considerable pile of gear. Since 2014, that gear and myself have found a new home in studios.


My production goal tends to be a simple one: at the end of the day, I want to be excited and/or moved by what I hear from the speakers. Whatever it takes in terms of arrangement, tracking, mixing and mastering strategy to reach that goal, l will pursue – there is no fixed, one-size-fits-all approach. Samples of my work can be found here.

Side gigs

If you’re wondering about the large number of keyboards in the studio: I can actually play those, a fortunate by-product of my classical piano training as a kid, three years at the Antwerp Jazz Studio, and over two decades of being a somewhat in demand keyboard player on the Belgian scene.

Starting 2010, I have also been teaching a course in music arranging and recording at the PXL Music department in Hasselt, Belgium.

And to wrap it up, I hold a Masters degree in Germanic Philology from the University Of Antwerp (UA), that I occasionally put to use by doing English-Dutch translation work.

Luc Weytjens

Some artists and bands I have collaborated with:

As an engineer/producer/programmer:

  • Gazz
  • The Jenkins
  • Medford Slim Band
  • Millionaire
  • Das Pop
  • Moonlake
  • Jan Leyers
  • Kent
  • Fubar
  • Agent 5.1
  • K’s Choice
  • Hale-Bopp
  • Wawadadakwa
  • Paco Sery
  • Wicona Airbag
  • Franki
  • Techchick
  • A Swinging Affair
  • The Manchi Quartet
  • Manou Gallo
  • Tony Allen
  • Meshell Ndegeocello
  • Streamlet
  • Zap Mama
  • Monza
  • Clouseau
  • The Feromones
  • SaintMarteau
  • Larsson
  • Rumplestitchkin
  • VRT
  • Lize Accoe
  • Campina Reggae
  • Lalalover
  • Happy Together (soundtrack)
  • Arsenal
  • Anton Walgrave
  • Gustaph
  • Hairglow (Alex Callier)
  • Yamundo
  • CocoJr.
  • Arid
  • Hannelore Bedert
  • Gorki
  • Stash
  • Stan Van Samang
  • Sarah & Roel Vanderstukken
  • Piet Van Den Heuvel
  • Buurman
  • Lula Sweet
  • Meuris & Papermouth
  • Snakefarm
  • Glenn Claes
  • Paulien Mathues
  • MandolinMan
  • Meuris
  • Alex Agnew
  • Stoomboot
  • The Monotrol Kid
  • Marco Z
  • Lenny & De Wespen
  • Praga Khan
  • The Dinky Toys

As a keyboard player:

  • Medford Slim Band
  • Hideaway
  • Gazz
  • Mich Van Hauttem
  • Real
  • Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra
  • The Scabs
  • Guy Swinnen
  • BJ Scott
  • The Romans
  • CocoJr & The All Stars
  • Soul Rebel Salute
  • Plane Vanilla
  • Groove Garden
  • Pyrate
  • Ketnetband
  • The Gibson Brothers
  • Spark
  • Laatste Show Band
  • Mon Te Kristo
  • Belgian Afrobeat Association
  • Bamski Fanfare
  • Els De Schepper
  • Jane’s Detd
  • Wicona (Airbag)
  • Monza
  • Zap Mama
  • Sandrine
  • Udo
  • Arid
  • Boogie Boy
  • The Seatsniffers & Wanda Jackson
  • Milow
  • Manou Gallo
  • Tine Embrechts
  • Kris De Bruyne
  • Barbara Dex
  • Gunther Verspecht
  • Clara Cleymans
  • The Kings Of Pop
  • Motown Supremacy
  • The Dinky Toys
  • FC Bokken

Some of the studios I have worked in:

  • Louisstudio
  • Sugarbeat studio (Tienen),
  • Jet studio
  • Dada studio
  • Rising Sun Studios (Brussels)
  • Wisseloord studios (Hilversum)
  • Galaxy studios (Mol)
  • Polar studios (Stockholm)
  • The Satisfactory (Wommelgem)
  • Motormusic (Mechelen)
  • Audioworkx (Hogeloon)
  • DAFT Studios (Waimes)